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Indoor Herb Growing
  • I've had a terrible time growing herbs in my home. I've tried sunny locations, part-sunny, little sun, warm spots, cooler spots, growing lamp, etc.. and they have all died on me. I usually have a very green thumb and have plants all over my home, but have had no luck w/ my indoor herbs (outside they grow fine). Can you give me some tips on what works?
  • Hi, I must say, except for rosemary, I have a similar quest!
    Looking forward to any advice.

    Best Regards,
    Ron Carter
  • Phototron?
    Post edited by norman at 2011-11-04 19:53:39
  • This being MOL, I have to ask what type of 'herb' are you looking to grow? ;-)
  • Johnlockedema asks a good question, even if it may be tongue-in-cheek. Not all herbs are the same. What kind of herbs are you trying to grow? Things like cardamon, ginger, rosemary and bay do well enough indoors so long as they have ample sun, are kept on the cool side and they're not watered too much. Other herbs, not so much. Overall, most herbs do not like to be wet and they don't like potting soil. Garden soil is generally denser (more clay) than potting soil so if you overwater, they'll drown. You can check out the herb forum at and post/peruse questions about specific herbs/herb growing conditions.
  • This being MOL, I have to ask what type of 'herb' are you looking to grow? ;-)

    This should do it:
  • I'm trying to grow Thyme, Basil and Oregano. I'm trying to lay off the Maryjanewana.
  • Most herbs do not do well indoors,however here are a few that do:Bay, mint,chives,parsley and lemongrass.
    Make sure they all have good drainage, and proper sun.good luck! You can buy this herbs at

  • You can get grow lights. They are fluorescent bulbs that are some kind of UV. Look in home depot.
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