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Help me with these awful kitchen cabinets...
  • You think Those are bad cabinets? I have ones that are original whe. Our house was built 1966!

    They were a ugly brown stained wood with about 20 coats of shellacking! My kitchen walls were off white with some ugly azzed country boarder on top! Anyone who knows me, knows I HATE country!! Ugh! One weekend my hubby took the kids to his parents for the weekend And I went to work... I took all 18 doors off, all hardware and sanded the doors and face of the cabinets.

    Primed and painted them a soft white, primed and painted the walls a deep red. Changed the hardware to brushed nickle and viola! New kitchen! :)

    (full disclosure; I do want to change the colors now - loving apple green accents- but at least I KNOW I can do it and all by myself!
  • i kind of think that if you're planning on refacing/replacing the cabinets in 5 years or less, you should go a little crazy with them. it isn't like you have to live with it forever. paint them peacock blue and paint the walls a nice, soft orange. or a dark, shiney red with taupey walls. or dark plum cabinets. that would be seriously fun. for the back splash, do something cheap like the heat resistant large tiles made to look like pressed tin (you just attach them with liquid nails). or do faux mini-subway tiles with just paint (think of the wonders of blue painters tape and let your mind wander).

    seriously, you'll settle down with "safe" soon enough. why not have some fun with it for now?
  • If the inside of your cabinets are in good shape I would do open shelves on top, paint the back of the cabinets a fun color and paint the base cabinets a neutral w new hardware.
  • Update! So I had wonderful handyman/painter Jr over for a quote to paint the trim of those cabinets, and he feels strongly it would be a better outcome, and a better price, to paint the cabinets over totally, rather than just the trim. So that's what we are going to do. He is also going to put hardware (pulls, knobs) so now I am shopping for those. I'm thinking stainless long pulls and a few knobs for the smaller cabinets. Any opinions? Also, best selection and price for pulls and knobs is at Home depot?
    Post edited by boomie at 2010-08-19 10:16:51
  • My favorite site is:
    for hardware.

    BUT I did end up buying my own pulls at Home Depot.

    I'm sticking with my first suggestion from page 1 of this thread.

    I can't wait to see your final finished pictures!!!
  • No, online. Check out ebay, there are a few vendors that I have seen recommended on Garden Web. Or check out Top Knobs.
    What color are you painting them?
  • White. I am going to think about that "soft" white verses the bright white it is now.
  • Oh booey.
  • Posted By: shhOh booey.

  • Put a little color in your life.
  • Posted By: earlsterPut a little color in your life.

    What color? (btw, I have plenty of color in my life)

    All of my appliances are stainless.
  • Oh, I was still hoping you would do something a little deeper.
  • Now I feel bad. I don't know if I can make those cabinets cool or nice. I only hope to make them disappear a little. And give everything just a streamlined, clean, industrial-ish feel.

    This article somewhat helpful.
    Post edited by boomie at 2010-08-19 11:20:50
  • Hahaha! Why would you feel bad? They're your cabinets, silly..

    Fwiw, I think you have nice pops of color in the adjoining dining room/living room so too much color may just compete.
  • ahh good point T bird.
  • After further review, I'm calling Boomie out on her photos. There is no way that's her kitchen because I have it on pretty good authority that the center island was removed in favor of a stripper pole.

    Post edited by justtheuncle at 2010-08-19 11:25:32
  • JTU must you give away every freaking secret I have.

    Crap. No more favors for you.
  • I agree with you, I just don't think that white will do that (make them blend in more and feel industrial-ish) as well as a muted warm taupy gray color would. But don't feel have to live's your decision.
  • Oooo warm taupy gray is a nice idea, shh - I was just talking about major color..
  • Nope, I stick with my original idea from page 1...a warm gray, just a shade or so deeper than the floor to make the floor look less pink. Still very neutral...possibly even more neutral than white because there would be less contrast.
  • But you havent seen my walls, which were painted. Let me take a pic tonight and post. Walls are a cafe au lait.
  • Could still work with the right color, it would be very tone on tone (which actually was the idea!). Post the pic tonight, definitely! What is the actual paint color, do you know?
  • Cant remember but I have the info at home.
  • I *think* the wall color is BM Pale Wheat

    Crap having a hard time posting a pic. Its on my fb.
  • I can't find a pale wheat anywhere on the BM site. Is it Behr? That came up when I googled Pale Wheat.

    In any case, that color is still fairly light. I am still thinking the gray would look good. I would start with a few shades darker than the walls to have a subtle variation between the cabinets, walls and floors. It seems like the floors are about two shades lighter than the walls, so I would go deeper than the walls.

    Just as an example, but this it totally out of context as I have no idea how deep the floor/walls are, look at HC-87, Ashley Gray, HC-105 Rockport Gray. You can also look at HC-172 Revere Pewter but I think that might be too light against the floor/walls.
  • It was Behr yes, sorry. OK I will think about this.
  • SlyFoxy1,

    That sounds amazing all that you did. Would you feel comfortable posting a pic?

    I love the Restoration Hardware greys. We have one in our sun room that's very dark, almost bluish gray and it looks amazing against the white that is in there.

    Boomie, if you don't mind what did Jr quote you? I had him out and his quotes were the highest out of everyone else for painting. We are going to do the rooms ourselves but the cabinets might be trickier. Thanks and good luck!!
  • Posted By: boomie
    Posted By: earlsterPut a little color in your life.

    What color? (btw, I have plenty of color in my life)

    All of my appliances are stainless.

    Just joking about needing more color in your life, your avatar show you have plenty :wink:

    I'm just not a fan of white kitchen cabinets. Without seeing the other colors in your house it's hard to say what would fit, but I like boldly colored kitchens. For sure with some contrast to the walls and floor.
    The light gray mentioned above sounds neat, too.
  • Do you like this?
  • Yes but my kitchen is very small. Not sure it could handle dark brown cabinets so well.
    Post edited by boomie at 2010-08-20 15:55:10
  • light gray
  • Boomie - have you seen this idea? Buy some wall paper which looks like bead board, apply that and add trim around it then paint the whole thing:

    Here are links to places which talk about how to do this: (about 1/3 the way down the page laundry room update)

    another one but not as detailed;

    actually if you type in bead board wallpaper kitchen you'll see lots of into.

    (and you can add this to cover the sides as well and paint it all what ever color you want).

    Hope things are going well!
    Post edited by USMNTFan at 2010-08-20 18:06:52
  • Posted By: shhNope, I stick with my original idea from page 1...a warm gray, just a shade or so deeper than the floor to make the floor look less pink. Still very neutral...possibly even more neutral than white because there would be less contrast.

    Totally agree!! Who knows better than a gay male :smile:
  • Boomie my dear,

    If you listen to CFA you will end up like this...

  • LOL...that's an awesome song to listen to when you're painting the cabinets!!!!
  • Sbnenois and CFA in my crappy cabinets thread....Im so honored Im getting teary...

    Some great ideas here Peeps. Im postponing the paint till my head stops exploding.

    Jr quoted me a high price initially but then gave me a very fair price. Im happy.
  • I actually like the pale wheat you chose. Here is a link to a kitchen redo using it.

    I think you can use bold colored accessories to add interest.

    Its your kitchen. You have to live with it. If you like it go for it!
    Post edited by carolanne at 2010-08-21 13:10:12
  • That's very pretty!
  • Since Scully hasn't arrived yet, from carolanne:
  • also, picking one or two cabinets in either the corner or center to accent are a good idea - you can use the existing door, cut out the center and insert plexiglass with trim to contain it. you can also add window stiles if you want to make it look very finished. opening up some of the cabinets this way will draw less attention to the field of new color you are adding by painting them. alternatively, you could buy a couple of news doors for those cabinets alone. this makes a huge difference in the "age" of your kitchen, as mixed and open cabinets are trending now.
  • Posted By: mlandres78mixed and open cabinets are trending now.

    I'm very glad to hear this, as two of my cabinet doors recently fell off, giving me that coveted "open" look.
  • I like the look of that re-do and Boomie, I think that would work really well in your kitchen. If your appliances are stainless, those off white cabinets might look nice with brushed nickel or pewter hardware. I think I would make the retro look of the kitchen work to an advantage by buying some vintage patterned linens and cafe curtains. It could make it look very cheery, and it would be so easy to switch out the look (cherries or fruit now, veggies or chanticleer later)
  • I like the re-do too, but the cabinets in the re-do had an architectural feature which Boomie's don't. Hers are just plain, flat fronts so I'm not sure how painting them all one color, with out adding some type of feature - even if it's mock distressing, will look.
  • Posted By: shhOh, I was still hoping you would do something a little deeper.

    Deeper creme, deeper white, deeper grey? It's very confusing.
    Post edited by Rufus at 2010-08-25 23:00:26
  • Hmm-- good point USMNTFan.

    Maybe some quarter inch molding applied picture frame style, would give them a little dimension if they were painted all one color.
  • See thats too much work. Great ideas here all around, but I think Im just going to paint them white for now.
  • I think that will look fresh and clean, Boomie. A definite improvement!
  • Yes thanks Callie. Fresh and clean is all I would hope for and it will be so welcome.
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